Strike Force Tripod Feeder Photcell

Strike Force

The heavy duty Strike Force Photocell Tripod Feeder holds a robust 240 pounds of corn, feed, or supplements, to allow for longer periods of undisturbed feeding in the field. The photocell controller comes pre-set to feed at dawn and dusk and has the ability to be adjusted according to different light levels during those same times. Other features include a test mode to check feed distribution, the ability to adjust the amount of feed dispensed, and the Twist-Tight mounting system that allows for easy, secure assembly. Equipped with sturdy steel leg sections, a built-in varmint guard, and a durable metal spin plate.

240 pound feed capacity
Adjustable morning and evening feedings based on light levels
Feed distribution feature controls amount of food released
Heavy duty feed hopper and sturdy steel leg sections
Built-in varmint guard and rugged metal spin plate provide durability