Bone View Ozone Scent Eliminator

Bone View


BoneView Electronic Scent Elimination technology removes all odors from your hunting clothing and gear, without the hassle of scent killer sprays, cover scents, laundry soaps or carbon-lined clothing. The BoneView Scent Eliminator produces the proper level of Ozone to kill and remove odor causing particles like bacteria, sweat, human odors, oils, VOCs and smoke. The BoneView Electronic Scent Eliminator was designed to be confined in inside gear bags and totes, where it can effectively remove scent, without harming your health. It is designed for backpacks, bags and totes up to 6 cubic feet volume. BoneView Electronic Scent Eliminator is battery powered and lasts between 3 to 6 hours. The battery is recharged using a standard micro-USB charger (included).