Bog Deathgrip Clamping Tripod Realtree Excape Camo

Bog Pod

BOG’s DeathGrip features enough adjustment range to be used in prone, kneeling, or standing positions. Retractable foot spikes, lever-locks and an integrated bubble level make sure you are secure in the ground and balanced correctly on the tripod. The clamping head with non-marring jaw inserts keeps your firearm locked in without damaging the finish. Includes adjustments for cant and panning to help you get on target.

Height adjustments from 7 to 59-inches allow prone, kneeling, and standing positions
Lever-leg locks for secure, easy adjustment
Dual-adjustment DeathGrip clamping head with non-marring jaw inserts
25 degrees of cant and 360 degree pan adjustments
Retractable steel foot spikes